From Sunny

I have known these sisters Esther and Joanna for like a little over 4 months. Although I have just known Esther for a limited period of time, I think I know enough about her and I also had the opportunity to love Esther. I would like to share my experiences with Esther to let you know what a lovable and joyful person she was. When I met Esther, I told her that she shares the same name as my sister. Esther was my sister’s born again name after her baptism. Esther then told me that she did not have a brother but I was like her brother. So, I found a new sister that time. I first met these sisters at the VCO fall kick off in our Church’s ministry center and it was one of the most hilarious time of my life. We hardly knew each other but these gals made me feel as if we have known each other since a long time and we were cracking jokes, laughing crazily and making fun of others around in the room (in a good way), which only we understood and laughed. No wonder others in the room might have thought that we were crazy that day. And then they were in our small group for a couple of months. It was a pretty good experience. Esther was there when we went to our small group outing and I have some fun pics of her with me which were taken as part of that outing. Then came the Soccer Sundays. She did sign up for the Soccer Sundays, but I knew how nervous she was to actually do it. She was like “Sunny, do you know how to play Soccer. How long have you been doing this for?” I enjoyed her nervousness and cashed in on the opportunity to make her more nervous. I was like, Yes. I have been doing it for 3 years. I am a pretty good at soccer and feel really comfortable with kids. I was just making up stories to get on to her nerves. She was out there always teasing me and making fun of me and here I am cashing on my perfect opportunity. Although they were doing Soccer Sundays for the very first time, they jumped right into it and got involved with it. I was really amazed to see how she eased out of her comfort zone and got along with it. Me and Esther were always coaching the opposite teams and she loved to be on my opposite team not only as a coach but also played in the scrimmage with her kids against me and my team and beat my team. I still can’t forget the last game of the season where Esther’s team blanked my team 3 to nothing. Esther loves kids would be an understatement. She was a kid when she got a chance to mingle with kids. And then we got a chance to work together on Thursday nights for the ESOL program and we trained the same person. We shared some fun conversations. She making fun of my slang and pronunciation. Me doing the same. She correcting my English and me correcting her. No wonder, whenever we get together, we confuse people who are in our closer proximities. And again I saw her at the soccer nights harvest party. We blew balloons together but I did not get a chance to work with her this time as she was doing the obstacle course outside in a kind of chilly weather and I was inside. But I surely did get a chance to go out and race against her in the obstacle course and I think you should be knowing by now what the end result was. No prizes for guessing. She is a prankster. She is fun to hang out with. She liked pulling people’s legs. She is a bundle of energy and joy, full of craziness and she definitely is my kind of a person. She spread her smile and joy wherever she was and whomever she met. She was willing to help all the time. We would really miss her. I would definitely miss her. Her soul and spirit will always be with us and I know that she would be smiling now at me listening to this. Wherever she is, she is in a safe place and in safe hands. May be God wanted to have someone to lighten up his place and needed her more than we do.

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